Baby Survived 100 Foot 30 m Fall From Cable Car

How Did A Baby Survive A Fall That Killed Both Parents?

A one-year-old baby girl, one, survived a 100ft fall from a Swiss Alps cable car that killed both her parents because she was tucked inside a backpack.

A one-year-old baby girl survived a 100ft fall from a Swiss Alps cable car that killed both her parents because she was tucked inside a backpack!

An Ongoing Investigation

A major investigation is now underway to establish how a family with a one-year-old baby was able to use the cable car in Baerlaui, which is in the Swiss Alps, since it was designed only for freight use.

A mountain worker was arrested.

Death And Survival

The child’s mother, 31, and father, 38, took the cable car in order to make the descent from Baerlaui Alp, elevation 2,700ft, during a trek.

Suddenly, just after starting, there was a sudden lurch which tipped all three out on to rocks nearly 100 feet below.

The mother and father died instantly from head wounds, but rescuers heard whimpering sounds coming from a rucksack, and upon opening it, discovered the baby, severely hurt but alive.

"The rucksack cushioned the fall, otherwise she would be dead too",

said a rescue spokesman.

"The cable-car is not for passenger use. It is a freight vehicle that was being used on the day of the accident by an employee of the area. We are investigating how they came to be aboard, and why".

"The baby is out of danger and we are contacting relatives of the dead abroad. We have no cause as yet as to why the cable car halted and then suddenly tipped over. But it was not designed for passenger use, that much is certain".

said Florian Grossmann, a spokesman for the local police.

Two dozen rescue crews using helicopters and all-terrain vehicles were on the scene within thirty minutes of the crash.

The bodies of the parents were flown to a local morgue, and the child to a hospital where nurses and doctors have nicknamed her Eidelweiss, after the hardy mountain flower which only survives in the harshest of mountain regions.

Authorities said the man, a Swiss native who lived with his Canadian wife abroad, had returned with his family for a holiday in the region.

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