Captain Ed Freeman – A Real Hero!!!!!

You’re a 19 year old kid.

You’re critically wounded and dying in the jungle somewhere in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam ..

It’s November 11, 1967.
LZ (landing zone) X-ray.

Your unit is outnumbered 8-1 and the enemy fire is so intense from 100 yards away, that your CO (commanding officer) has ordered the helicopters to stop coming in.

You’re lying there, listening to the enemy machine guns and you know you’re not getting out.

Your family is half way around the world, 12,000 miles away, and you’ll never see them again.

As the world starts to fade in and out, you know this is the day.
Then – over the machine gun noise – you faintly hear that sound of a helicopter.
You look up to see a Huey coming in. But.. It doesn’t seem real because no MedEvac markings are on it.

Captain Ed Freeman is coming in for you.

He’s not MedEvac so it’s not his job, but he heard the radio call and decided he’s flying his Huey down into the machine gun fire anyway.

Even after the MedEvacs were ordered not to come. He’s coming anyway.

And he drops it in and sits there in the machine gun fire, as they load 3 of you at a time on board.

Then he flies you up and out through the gunfire to the doctors and nurses and safety.

And, he kept coming back!! 13 more times!! Until all the wounded were out. No one knew until the mission was over that the Captain had been hit 4 times in the legs and left arm.
He took 29 of you and your buddies out that day. Some would not have made it without the Captain and his Huey.

“Medal of Honor” Recipient, Captain Ed Freeman, United States Air Force, died last Wednesday at the age of 70, in Boise , Idaho

May God Bless and Rest His Soul.

I bet you didn’t hear about this hero’s passing, but we’ve sure heard a whole bunch about Whitney Houston, Lindsay Lohan, Dr. Murray, that sicko Sandusky , and a 72- day sham marriage.

Shame on the media !!!

“Medal of Honor” Winner Captain Ed Freeman

please pass this along. Honor this real hero.


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5 Responses to Captain Ed Freeman – A Real Hero!!!!!

  1. Jive-A** says:

    You’re right about the media!

    I’m a newshound and saw nothing about it!

    I did see a lot of articles about Obama attacking Romney because of Big Bird though!

  2. knopfman says:

    In March 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution designating the U.S. Postal Service facility located at 103 West Main Street in McLain, Mississippi, as the ‘Major Ed W. Freeman Post Office’.

    McLain was the hometown of Ed Freeman, a veteran of World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War who passed away in August 2008.

    “It is extremely fitting that we should name a federal building after Major Ed Freeman,”

    Congressman Mike Simpson said.

    “It is an honor to have known him, and all Americans should be honored that he served our country and defended her in the manner in which he did.”

    The bill to designate the post office in Freeman’s honor passed the U.S. House unanimously with a final vote of 384-0.

    Freeman was a Mississippi native, and the Post Office that was renamed is located in his hometown.

    • Amy says:

      I am so happy to read this!! If it were up to me, I would rename all the streets and highways after our brave soldiers. Hell, I would rename all the government buildings too!!! I come from a military family. Some would say, I would bleed Red, White,and Blue with Stripes and Stars!!!

      I am sitting up here in Canada watching my country fall apart, watching EVERYTHING that my father, my uncle, my grandfather, my great grandfather, fought for dissipate in front of my very own eyes!!! I am doing my part by voting, blogging, and keeping the citizens informed!! I so need a Ronald Reagan right now!!!!! I need someone to fix the mess my country is in!!!!! I hope and pray Romney and Ryan are up to the the task!!!!

  3. Ed says:

    Yes, Ed Freeman was a real American hero – nobody could dispute that. But his death, and the essay you are plagiarizing here, both happened several years ago.

    Get a life, people. Heroism is not right-wing or left-wing, it is simply a manifestation of humanity at its very best. It comes from the heart, not out of any political stance. Born-again Christian Tea Partiers can be heroes. Communist, atheist homosexuals can be heroes. Don’t belittle our noblest qualities by ascribing them to something so mundane as politics.

    • Miss Skeptic says:

      Hi Ed,

      I think the term “plagiarizing” is a bit harsh.

      From what I’ve seen on the site which is a new one, some people are posting their own private stories and some are posting their favorite ones, and I don’t know of another site that lets people post similar stories on them.

      I can understand that you’re upset about people politicizing this story but the fact is that over 80% of US journalists are liberals and they tow the party line.

      And it’s only since Obama crashed through the the floor at the first debate that the MSM has started to level with the general public about him.

      And Liberals are not exactly pro wars or war heroes are they.

      I’m sure you or a friend have a survival story so maybe post it here.

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