Chinese Aircrash Survivors Call Asiana Airlines Insincere

The crash-landing occurred when the airliner collided with a rocky seawall just short of the runway.

A Miracle?

Despite the cabin bursting into flames, only three people were identified as dead.

Chinese Aircrash Survivors Call Asiana Airlines Insincere

One hundred and eighty two survivors were taken to hospital, but most only suffered from minor injuries.

What Caused The Accident?

The pilot in charge of landing the plane was in training on the 777, and seated next to him was a co-pilot on his first flight as an instructor.

Both were experienced pilots, although they had not flown together before, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board said.

So far, an investigation indicates that the pilots, a trainee and his instructor, failed to realize until too late that the aircraft was dangerously low and flying too slow.

Nothing disclosed so far by the National Transportation Safety Board investigators indicates any problems with the Boeing 777’s engines, computers or automated systems.

Does Ariana Care Less About The Chinese?

Please read the subtitles! And maybe note that the faces of both speakers had to be obscured!

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