Chinese Man Became An Overnight Hero For Saving A Child

A Chinese Man Climbs A Burning Building Twice And Saves A Child!

A Chinese Man Becomes An Overnight Hero For Saving A Child

It’s so nice to read good news in the media

On April 10, 2013, a Chinese man heading to work, became an overnight national hero after he climbed a burning building twice and saved a child.


"Yes", He Scaled The Burning Building Twice!

The first time to check if anybody was trapped inside and the second time to rescue a child.

After hearing the child’s screams, he climbed down, got an axe and a rope.

And then after rescaling the building, he broke down the door, cut open a fence and lowered her safely to waiting firefighters and police on the ground.

You can possibly imagine yourself running into a burning building to rescue somebody, but can you imagine doing it twice?

Four Questions Come To Mind

The first question.

Why didn’t this man’s bravery get more universal news coverage?

I just searched the web and the only thing I found was a YOUTUBE video and a couple of sites that had just a few lines.

The Second Question

Is a Chinese or Asian life thought to have less value than a Western one?

The Third Question

Why did Chinese firefighters and police wait on the ground and simply look on as a brave passer-by scaled the building twice?

The Forth Question

Did the firefighters think it was too dangerous to enter the building, or did they simply feel that the passerby was getting the job done?

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