Navy SEALs Rescue Jessica Buchanan & Poul Hagen After 93 Days In Somalia

Navy SEALs Rescue
Jessica Buchanan And Poul Thisted After 93 Days In Somalia

Navy SEALs rescue Jessica Buchanan and Poul Thisted after 93 days in Somalia

Jessica Buchanan (32) and Poul Thisted (60) were taken hostage in Somalia when they went there to teach children how to avoid land-mines.

Their car was hijacked on arrival by Somali bandits with AK 47’s.

One of them was a ten-year-old boy who was draped in ammunition.

She was sure she was going to be raped and that they would both be killed.

But that was not the plan.

They were taken to the desert where they were informed that they were not going to kill them, but were holding them for a $45million ransom.

The Next Ninety Three Days

For the next ninety three days, she and Thisted slept outside, sometimes in the cold and pouring rain.

And they were given only one small can of tuna and a piece of bread everyday.

The Captors Were Always High

They were in the hands of men and boys chewing khat, which is a plant that has the same effect as amphetamines.

"They were so hyped up on speed. It was like drinking pot after pot of coffee".

"And then, the crash would come, and it brought a lot of belligerence, and a lot of anger".

" And a lot of temper".

Jessica recalled.

The Pain That Prompted The Rescue

After three months in the desert, Jessica developed a urinary tract infection and was in extreme pain.

And in her final call to the hostage negotiator she said that she believed she was going to die.

It was this call that set in motion a chain of events which would ultimately lead to her rescue.


The Navy SEALs Rescue

On the night they were rescued, she heard gunfire and thought it was a rival Islamic faction coming to kidnap or possibly kill them.

"I hear my name. But it’s not a Somali accent, it’s an American accent".

"And I can’t compute".

"Like I can’t understand that somebody with an American accent knows my name".

And they say,

“Jessica we’re with the American military. We’re here to take you home, and you’re safe".

"I pull the blanket down from my face and all I see is black. Black masks, black sky and all I can say over and over is".

“You’re American? You’re Americans? I don’t understand, you’re American".

"And then they identify themselves, and that they knew I was very sick".

"And they have medicine and they have water, they have food".

"And they’ve come to take me home".

The Helicopters And The American Flag

When the helicopters come and she gets inside, Jessica said she only starts to breathe once they get off the ground.

And then one of the Navy SEALs hands her a folded over American flag.

She describes the moment:

"I just started to cry. At that point in time I have never in my life been so proud and so very happy to be an American".

Poul Thisted who was also rescued by the Navy SEALs. said later, that his lucky break was being captured along with an American!

No Prisoners And No Injured Navy SEALs

The Navy SEALs were prepared to take prisoners but did not, Pentagon officials said.

Although the kidnappers were said to be heavily armed, with explosives nearby, the team had no casualties and left nine kidnappers dead at the site before leaving by helicopter.

Somali clan elders and community leaders in Galkayo gave a slightly different account.

They said eight kidnappers were killed, including two brothers, and a ninth was seriously injured and taken to Adado for medical treatment.

Information About Poul Thisted

I have found almost no information about Poul Thisted on the internet.

Was he included in the ransom and why did they keep him alive etc. ?

If you have any information then please let me know and I will add it to the article.

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  1. Elly Thinker says:

    Well meaning but maybe not so bright?

    Which kind of people do this stuff?

    They knew that the area was super hostile and even had training as what to do if they were taken hostage.

    SEALs risked their lives to save them and the US paid for their rescue.

    What do you think?

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