Ranger Austin McCall – A Hero In Afghanistan

Ranger Austin McCall – An Afghanistan Hero

Awarded: Bronze Star with Valor and Purple Heart Medal

Ranger Austin McCall  Awarded: Bronze Star with Valor and Purple Heart Medal


Staff Sergeant Austin McCall says that like many patriotic young Americans he was inspired to join the army after the 9/11 attacks and he went on to be a soldier in the in the elite 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment.

McCall says that during his six deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, there was always one guiding force and that was to abide by the ‘Ranger Creed’ no matter how dangerous the mission.

“Readily will I display the intestinal fortitude required to fight on to the Ranger objective and complete the mission though I be the lone survivor",

reads the last stanza of the Creed.

January 5, 2010

On January 5, 2010, McCall’s commitment to the Creed was to be tested more forcefully than he probably ever expected it to be.

McCall was leading his Ranger squad on a mission in eastern Afghanistan when he received intelligence that a suicide bomber and a group of insurgents were close by. 

The Call To Battle

McCall led his squad to a compound where the insurgents were thought to be hiding and located a guest house where the suicide bomber was believed to be.

McCall was the first man to enter the guest house’s small courtyard, and he was immediately confronted with a suicide bomber holding two grenades. 

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Dead For Seventy Eight Minutes And Then Alive

Technically Dead for Seventy Eight Minutes And Then Recovery

Technically Dead For 78 Minutes And Then New Life

At 18.13 GMT on March 17, 2012, 43 minutes after the kick-off in the FA Cup tie between Bolton Wanderers and Tottenham Hotspur, 23-year-old Fabrice Muamba collapsed.

The stadium fell silent and medical staff huddled around him, and the match was abandoned.

Muamba’s heart stopped beating for 78 minutes!

The Timing For CPR Is Crucial

The first minutes after Muamba collapsed were crucial.

Every minute lost before applying CPR is estimated to decrease the chances of survival by 10%!

CPR sometimes has to be exceedingly forceful and ribs get broken caused by the application of the hard down-thrusts to the chest, which keep oxygen artificially flowing from the heart.

Dead For More Than An Hour

Dr Deaner, a consultant cardiologist at Barts Health NHS Trust, who attended to Fabrice Muamba after he suffered the cardiac arrest on the pitch said that the footballer "in effect died" for more than an hour.

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Shifty Powers – The Truth And The Untruth About Him

The Truth About Shifty Powers

The Truth And The Untruth About Shifty Powers


Staff Sergeant Darrell C. "Shifty" Powers (March 13, 1923 – June 17, 2009) was a non-commissioned officer with the Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, in the 101st Airborne Division during World War II.

Shifty Powers Volunteered

Powers was born in Clinchco, Dickenson County, Virginia, and he volunteered for the paratroopers.

Where Did Shifty Jump?

Powers jumped into Normandy on D-Day and he also took part in the Allied military operation "Operation Market Garden in the Netherlands".

And the Battle of the Bulge in Foy, Belgium.

Heroism Under Fire

While in Foy, a German sniper shot three members of the Easy Company, and everyone hid for cover.

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Cats – Street Cats Saved Life Of One Year Old Boy

Street Cats Fed A One Year Old Baby And Kept Him Alive

One Year Old Boy Was Kept Warm And Fed By Street Cats


A one-year-old boy was discovered by police in Misiones, in Argentina, surrounded by eight wild cats.

And doctors say, “that without their help that he would have quickly died”.

The Discovery

Policewoman Alicia Lorena Lindgvist discovered the child by a canal in the Christ King district of the city.

She said:

"I was walking and noticed a gang of cats sitting very close together. It is unusual to see so many like that so I went for a closer look and that’s where I saw him. The boy was lying at the bottom of a gutter. There were all these cats on top of him licking him because he was really dirty".

"When I walked over they became really protective and spat at me. They were keeping the boy warm while he slept".

The Cats Fed Him Too!

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Suicide – How To Survive A Loved One Committing Suicide

Surviving The Suicide Of A Loved One

Surviving The Suicide Of A Loved One

One learns to live with the loss, the tragedy, the waste, and the gaping hole that’s left in the fabric of one’s life, but there will be no closure.

You will remember him or her all of your life, their laughter and sadness, the smell of their sneakers under their bed, the moments of joy and their humility or lack thereof.

If you have lost someone to suicide, the first thing you should know is that you are not alone.

Each year nearly forty thousand people in the United States commit suicide, and the devastated family and friends that they leave behind are known as survivors.

Rates are higher in men than in women, with males three to four times more likely to commit suicide than females and over half of all suicides are completed with a firearm.

There are an estimated 8 to 25 attempted suicides to 1 completion.

Helping You Through Your Grief

Perhaps just knowing that there are millions of survivors like you, who are trying to cope with this heartbreaking suicide, will help you through the grief?

Over one million people die by suicide worldwide each year. The United States is number 43 worldwide, but that’s way ahead of Israel which is at number 67

How Does The Suicide Of A Close One Affect The Survivor?

Survivors often experience a wide range of grief reactions, including some or all of the following:

  • Shock is a common immediate reaction. You may feel numb or disoriented, and may have trouble concentrating.
  • Symptoms of depression, including disturbed sleep, loss of appetite, intense sadness, and lack of energy.
  • Anger towards the deceased, another family member, a therapist, or yourself.
  • Relief, particularly if the suicide followed a long and difficult mental illness.
  • Guilt, including thinking, "If only I had….".
  • These feelings usually diminish over time, as you develop your ability to cope and begin to heal.

What Should You Do Now?

  • Some survivors struggle with what to tell other people. Although you should make whatever decision feels right to you, most survivors have found it best to simply acknowledge that their loved one died by suicide.
  • You may find that it helps to reach out to family and friends. Because some people may not know what to say, you may need to take the initiative to talk about the suicide, share your feelings, and ask for their help.
  • Even though it may seem difficult, maintaining contact with other people is especially important during the stress-filled months after a loved one’s suicide.
  • Keep in mind that each person grieves in his or her own way. Some people visit the cemetery weekly; others find it too painful to go at all.
  • Each person also grieves at his or her own pace; there is no set rhythm or time-line for healing.
  • Anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays may be especially difficult, so you might want to think about whether to continue old traditions or create some new ones. You may also experience unexpected waves of sadness; these are a normal part of the grieving process.
  • Children experience many of the feelings of adult grief, and are particularly vulnerable to feeling abandoned and guilty. Reassure them that the death was not their fault. Listen to their questions, and try to offer honest, straightforward, age-appropriate answers.
  • Some survivors find comfort in community, religious, or spiritual activities, including talking to a trusted member of the clergy.
  • Be kind to yourself. When you feel ready, begin to go on with your life. Eventually starting to enjoy life again is not a betrayal of your loved one, but rather a sign that you’ve begun to heal.

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