Why Was SEAL 6 Red Cell Founder Dick Marcinko Jailed?

Why Was Seal 6 And Red Cell Founder Richard "Dick" Marcinko Jailed?

Dick Marcinko Founder Of Navy SEAL 6 and Red Cell

Richard "Dick" Marcinko (born November 21, 1940), is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL 6 commander and Vietnam War veteran.

(pronounced Mar-SINK-oh)

He was the founder and first commanding officer of SEAL 6 Team and Red Cell.

Early Life And Education

Marcinko was born in Lansford, Pennsylvania and is of Slovak descent.

After attending Admiral Farragut Academy in Toms River, New Jersey, he enlisted in the US Navy in 1958 and worked as a teletype operator at the Naval Air Station in Naples, Italy, but after some difficulty, he eventually worked his way into the Navy’s Underwater Demolition Teams.

The majority of his assignments were in direct combat roles or crises management positions in direct support of the National Command Authority, which collectively refers to the President of the United States and the Secretary of Defense.

First Tour Of Duty In Vietnam

On May 18, 1967, Marcinko led his team in an assault on Ilo Ilo Hon (Ilo Ilo Island), where they killed a large number of Vietcong and destroyed six of their sampans!

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A Celebrity Chef Donates More Food To Kids Than He Sells

Chef Now Donates More Food Than He Sells

Chef Bruno Serato Donates More Food Than He Sells

Bruno Serato, who is the owner of the upscale White House Restaurant in Anaheim, admits he had a pretty easy and carefree life, hosting and hobnobbing with Orange County’s most rich and famous.

But that was until his mother Caterina came over to visit from Italy!

Bruno’s Mother Layed Down The Law! And Now He Happily Donates!

At the time, Bruno was on the board of the local Boys and Girls Club and he just thought his mom might like to see the place.

The club serves a lot of homeless kids who often went hungry, and when Bruno told his mom this, she exploded!

"I heard her in Italian grab his arm and say some things and he just started raising his arms and he said, ‘Mama, mama, OK, OK, OK!’".

The clubs director Mike Baker recalls.

So what did she say to her son?

"Why don’t you feed them pasta?".

And obeying his mother’s orders, Bruno fed all of the kids that night.

And Bruno Is So Happy That He Now Donates

Bruno said it was a lot of food to just give away, but his mother wouldn’t leave the kitchen until he did it.

That was in April 18, 2005, and it’s happened every day since then!

And it might be interesting to consider, that some of the poorest children in Anaheim get food on a daily basis, from one of the most exclusive restaurants in Anaheim.

But it has not gone unappreciated and the kids love the food.

The Kids Are Now Bruno’s Favorite Diners

Bruno was asked,

"Did your mother give you a gift by making you do this?".

And he replied.

"Oh yeah, the biggest gift of my life!".

Bruno says the kids are now by far his favorite diners.

He says he’s never felt more needed.

In the last few years, with the economy tanking, the number of meals he serves has doubled from about 75 a night to 150.

He Donates More Than He Sells

Meanwhile, back at his restaurant, that same economy had the opposite effect.

Bruno said he was giving away more meals than he sold, which turned his balance sheet the color of marinara, and he had to refinance his restaurant and his house.

So why can he keep feeding these kids?

"How could I stop?".

he says.

If you live in Southern California, then you might want to consider going out for Italian some night soon.

At Bruno’s place!

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Surviving Child Abuse & Domestic Violence With God’s Help

Child Abuse And Domestic Violence

Tiffany tells her story of domestic violence and child abuse, by a sexually abusive father, and recalls how their mother failed to protect her and her sisters.

Surviving Child Abuse and Domestic Violence With God's Help


Ever since I can remember I never had the love or attention of my parents.

My mom was more worried about looking pretty and making sure my dad wasn’t cheating on her than she was about her three daughters.

My oldest sister was fifteen, the other one that followed was fourteen and I was seven, and I also had a two year old little brother at the time.

My father had been abusing my two sisters all their life and he started raping them when they each turned thirteen.

My sisters showed and told my mother what was going on, and they would show her their bloody privates but she never cared, or I guess her marriage to a sick man was more important than the well being of her daughters.

I was very young, and all I remember was one incident of him on top of me and my mom saying he should stop because he was going to suffocate me, I was crying.

I have no other memories of my childhood: none at all.

He died that year 1987 but he scarred us forever.

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Nine Year Old Boy Saves Two Classmates After Earthquake

On May 12th, 2008, a massive earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale hit the Sichuan province in China, killing over 70,000 people.

Who And Where Was Lin Hao?

Nine Year Old Boy Lin Hao Saves Two Buried Classmates After Earthquake

Before the earthquake, nine year old Lin Hao was sitting in his 2nd grade classroom, surrounded by twenty nine other students.

When the earthquake struck, the entire building collapsed on Lin Hao and his classmates.

What Did Lin Hao Do?

Lin Hao was the first child to escape from the rubble, but he then did something remarkable, and something exceptional and quite extraordinary too.

He went back into the pile of rubble and removed two of his unconscious classmates.

When asked why he risked his life to save others, he said,

"I was the hall monitor, it was my job to look after my classmates".

Only Ten Of Thirty Two Students Survived

During his rescue, Lin Hao was hit by falling rubble and suffered injuries to his head and arms.

It was later reported that while Lin Hao and the other nine surviving classmates were waiting for help, he encouraged them to sing songs to keep their spirits up.

A Sad Lack Of Western Media Coverage

lin-hao-and-yao-ming at 2008 Olympics

Following Hao’s surprise appearance at the opening 2008 Olympic ceremony with Chinese flag bearer and basketball phenomenon Yo Ming, the Western press did little more that write that Hao survived the earthquake, and said nothing of his heroism.

And that lack of detail seems to be indicative of the affliction that many Western reporters have of being unwilling to say anything positive about China.

The Press And The Upside-Down Flag

In addition to reporting Hao’s braver there also followed an almost web-based controversy over the fact that the boy’s flag was upside down during the ceremony.

The flag discussions sadly overshadowed the bravery, by suggesting that it was a political statement that somehow missed the Olympic organizers eyes.

An upside-down flag is a sign of distress, particularly in sailing.

It didn’t help matters that the New China News Agency (Inhuman) released the photograph on the wire then withdrew it a few hours later asking others not to use it.

As logger Sun Bin noted on the Black and White Cat blog,

"Those small flags can be easily turned upside-down depending on which way one holds the pole".

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Mengele’s Auschwitz Experiments On Twins Eva Mozes Kor

Eva Mozes Kor and her twin sister Miriam Were Taken To Auschwitz

They grew up in a small village in Romania in the 1940s and theirs was the only Jewish family in the region.

Eva Mozes Kor (born January 31, 1934) was a survivor of the Holocaust who, with her twin sister Miriam, was subjected to human experimentation under Josef Mengele at Auschwitz. 

A Story of Forgiveness

Eva Mozes Kor and sister never expected to go to Aushwitz!

“My father said as long as you say your prayers, did the good deeds that God wanted you to do, and lived so far away from the big city, that somehow we’d escape".

Eva said.

“The Nazis won’t come here for six Jews".

Her father said.

But they did come, and at the age of 10, Eva was loaded on to a crowded cattle car with her family and relocated to Auschwitz.

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