102 People Died In Plane Crash But There Was One Survivor!

The Plane Crashed But There Was One Survivor

The Plane Crashed And There Was Only One Survivor

On March 6, 2003 at 3:45 p.m. local time (1445 GMT), a Boeing 737-200 attempted take-off from the southern Algerian city of Tamanrasset.

But the aircraft suddenly veered off the runway during takeoff and crashed some 600 feet (180 m) from the centerline.

One Hundred And Two Died And There Was Only One Survivor

A total of 102 people died in the accident and the sole survivor of the accident was identified as 28-year-old soldier Youcef Djillali.

Ninety seven passengers and six crew members perished.

Djillali suffered severe burns and injuries but miraculously survived.

Eye Witness Reports

The witnesses present at the time of the crash reported seeing one of the 737’s engines burst into flames just as it had taken off.

The Time-Line

Takeoff commenced from runway 02 with the co-pilot acting as pilot-in-command.

The aircraft rotated and the co-pilot ordered the gear to be raised.

At that moment, at a height of 78 feet and a speed of 158 knots (KTS.), the nr.1 engine suffered a turbine failure and the captain took over control of the airplane.

Three seconds later the co-pilot asked if she should raise the gear, but the captain did not respond.

The 737 lost speed and seconds later the speed had dropped to 134 KTS causing the aircraft to stall.

It crashed and broke up on rocky terrain about 1,645 meters past the runway.

Probable Cause OF The Crash

1) The accident was caused by the loss of an engine during a critical phase of flight, non-retraction of the landing gear after the engine failure, and the Captain, the PNF (pilot not flying), taking over control of the airplane before having clearly identified the problem.

2) The coincidence between the moment the failure occurred and the request to retract the landing gear.

3) The speed of the event that left the crew little time to recover the situation.

4) Maintaining an inappropriate rate of climb taking into account the failure of one engine.

5) The absence of any teamwork after the engine failure, which led to a failure to detect and correct parameters related to the conduct of the flight (speed, rate of climb, configuration, etc.).

6) The takeoff weight being close to the maximum with a high aerodrome altitude and high temperature.

7) The rocky environment around the aerodrome, making it unsuitable for an emergency landing.

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    It’s so clear to me that a higher power had a hand in this that I can’t understand anyone that doesn’t believe in God, or whatever name you prefer to call it/him/her!

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